I perceive jewelry as something intimate. It is a channel of communication with myself and others, as it allows me to express my thoughts, feelings and aesthetics. I make little sculptures as an extension of the human body. The intention is for these pieces to serve as a social statement for the person wearing them, and not just as a decorative item. It is all about jewelry inspired by humans for humans.

Theodora has been active in the area of apparel and fashion for the past fifteen years. Parallel to her studies in Greece and Italy, she has been expressing her creativity through professional and artistic actions. She has attended seminars of painting, sculpting, jewelry design and construction, and has worked in Greece and Italy as a Stylist in fashion magazines. She has participated in Matrix World Tour Shows for two years and has collaborated with several Greek Fashion Designers.

I think of jewelry design as a combination of line and color and material that is each time the result of a given frame of mind, of different mental and emotional states.

It is the lines and forms and shapes that we encounter all around us in the natural world, in the street, or in everyday life, or even in the images these trigger in the mind…    

Yakinthi Oikonomou